Just to let you know we re-named her Roxy Girl after the Quicksilver Surfing Brand. We are all surfers and it seemed to fit her with are family. She learned her new name in the 1st week and now instantly responds to it. She is loving the new house and backyard. So are we:) She loves the kids soooo much. She has such a great heart and just wants to be loved ALL DAY. We love her so much.

Roxy Girl went for her first swim with us yesterday. I just wanted to get her use to the enviroment so we didn't work out to much. She is SOOO fast. The kids had a blast with her. As soon as she knew where the steps out of the pool where that's all she would swim toward though. We still had fun.

18 June 2009

Violette has adjusted extremely well to her new environment. She is such a sweetheart. Perfect with the kids and just wants to be loved. She has much more interest in us than other dogs and would rather me rub her ears than anything else. We are working with her on not pulling when we walk with a Gentle Leader and it is doing wonders. We are all in love with her and she has become a perfect match to our family. We are so happy to have her. She is such a good girl. We have fallen head over heals for her. She will be very spoiled, in a good way.

She goes to work with me everyday. We have really bonded. I feel like I've had her since she was born. It's a great feeling and one I didn't know if I would have with an adult dog I had never met. She is wonderful. I have to keep her on a leash for now at the store cause when a customer comes in she wants to bolt out the door. As soon as the customer is gone I let go of the leash and she has full reign of the store. She has her own big comfy dog pillow in the back that she takes her naps on. She is having a lot of new experiences and fun.


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