You've never seen Vita (now Maggie, aka Miss Magnification), because I was a foster failure before she ever made it onto the adoption web page! Maggie was confiscated by the county from a hoarding situation back in October of 2011, and I started fostering her in November. She is recovering from tick fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and has had some resulting complications. She also needs some dental work and entropion surgery, but not until the tick borne illnesses are better. Overall, considering the horrific conditions that she came from, she is doing well, and her lovely hound temperament has been shining through despite the health setbacks. Maggie is one of one of the most affectionate dogs I have ever owned. She greets me every day with paws on my shoulders in her version of a coonie hug, and if she is not sleeping on a dog bed, she prefers to be in my lap! She gets along great with my three other dogs, enjoys jogging with me when she's feeling good, and enjoys laying out in the Arizona sunshine. I've attached a picture of her doing just that! She has an extra large crate that she sleeps in at night, but for some reason she loves to spend time in Morgan's crate, which is about two sizes too small for her. She also likes to nap with my Dalmatian, Sky, on the bed of course! I've also included a link to a video that I took today while we were walking in the desert. Maggie will go to her first obedience class in a couple of weeks, and I think she will do well.

I have wanted a Treeing Walker ever since I met one for the first time about 15 years ago. But I kept taking in various strays, none of whom were TWCs! By a very round-about set of circumstances (thank you Diane!) I ended up fostering Maggie, and I could not be happier that she is now mine. I believe we were meant to be together!

Thank you ABTCR for all that you do for these wonderful deserving dogs.

Ann, Maggie and her new brothers Jack, Sky and Morgan

Page last updated on 6 March 2012