Just an update on Bess, she is doing great. She has become totally comfortable in our home and loves her "sister" Ella. They play constantly and stay close to each other at all times. She is so funny! She is quite "chatty." She talks to us all the time. It's a shame we cant understand her. She gets this look on her face that is so funny. Bess is no longer apprehensive when she is being fed and is totally comfortable when she is in her home environment.

We have been working with her on riding in the car but she gets really anxious. We have been taking her on short rides to the park and other close places. This is going to take some time. She gets really anxious when she is away from home. We are hoping we can get her comfortable enough traveling so we can take her camping. We are going to "go camping" here in our yard to see if she will be OK staying in the trailer. We have been waiting on a little warmer weather to try this.

Here are a couple of pictures of Bess in one of her favorite places, laying on the bed in the sun looking out the upstairs window watching the deer feeder.


20 March 2018

Bess is really doing great. She and Ella have become inseparable. They are practically attached at the hip. We have never had two dogs that got along so well. They love to play together and sleep together. When they go outside, they rip and romp until they are exhausted. Bess has become my lap dog at night. She climbs in the recliner with me watching TV and usually stays all night. ( I sleep in the recliner.) She still has her issues, but she is comfortable and happy as long as she is in her familiar surroundings. If we have to take her to the vet or somewhere she is still very nervous. She has gotten better but she still has a way to go. Hopefully time will continue to heal her.


19 December 2017