It has been 1 year since Shelby came to live with us and we honestly don't know what we would do without her, except have less doggie hair in the house. We love her sweet temperament and those long floppy ears. Everyone in the family talks to her like she is human and I cannot tell you the number of laughs we get because of our gentle giant (yes, she's lost some weight since we got her, but she still weighs in at 99 lbs). Shelby loves greeting all the other dogs in the neighborhood when we are on our walks; she is the greeting committee at the dog park; she will get in the car and ride anywhere, all you have to do is the say "go", but her favorite thing to do is go for a hike in the woods without her leash. As a human, I can only imagine that this is every coonie's dream come true. Throughout the past year, Shelby has attended and successfully graduated from Jabula Academy (aka - doggie obedience school, which was more for me than her), made numerous trip to the visit her grandparents and even made a trip to Boone, NC.

Thank you for connecting us with Shelby and the work that you do to see that other precious dogs like Shelby get a good home. Here are a few pictures that we wanted to share.

Happy Holidays!
Karen Slay

15 December 2010

We picked up Shelby on Saturday and I am so excited about how she is doing. She is a very calm, sweet and loving dog. She continues to get more comfortable with her surroundings each and last night we had a good game of tug with the squeaky duck. If taken for a nice, long walk during the day, she sleeps like a champ. We are excited to have her in the family.

Karen Slay

16 December 2009