Walker is a tri-colored Treeing Walker Coonhound found astray near LaGrange, GA in early March of this year. He was placed in foster care with me on March 15 and straight away began treatment for heartworms-now 2 months in his past. Walker is a beautiful dog, a sweetheart, proclaimed by all who meet him. He loves other dogs, particularly his hound-buddies at the Dog Park. His "fav" is a seductive little Bassett Hound named Lulabelle. Walker loves to eat, nap, and hunt. And ride in the car. His sonorous howl is like a foghorn for ships navigating the bay. Just a hound dog "doing hound dog things." He is now adopted by his foster family, in a loving home where he can be himself and happy for a long lifetime.

Page last updated on 1 September 2023