We adopted the redtick coonhound puppy who was called Wandering Star on the ABTCR website. We have named her Daisy. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We had recently lost our 11 year old bloodhound, Abby, to stomach bloat and there was a big hole left in our lives. We wanted to adopt a rescue dog and stumbled across the ABTCR website, thankfully! That is where we discovered another dog originally but were steered in the direction of Daisy since she would be a better fit for our situation.

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Daisy. She makes us smile every day. She has made herself right at home! We have had her for about two weeks now and she is already housebroken and has learned how to sit and lay down. We are now moving onto "shake your paw" and she catches on to everything we teach her very quickly. Not only is she super smart but she is super sweet. She loves everyone that she meets and showers us with kisses all of the time. We crated her the first couple of nights but soon discovered that she was more comfortable on our bed with us! She stays on the bed all night and hardly moves except to make herself more comfortable. We don't mind at all! We were hoping she would be a cuddler.

We are looking forward to many wonderful years with our Daisy! We hope we make her as happy as she has made all of us. We are so grateful to ABTC Rescue and all of the fine people associated with the rescue for bringing Daisy into our lives.

Thank you!
Ellen and Marcel Desrosiers

Page last updated on 11 February 2010