Just wanted to say Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year. Dana (Warm Love) is doing great! We celebrated her B-day Dec. 17th by going to the vet for all her shots and her annual licencing for Sac. county. She weighed in @ 68 lbs. She's a very happy/" spoiled" and healthy dog. We had a great X-Mas, she even opened her own presents! Today 1 year ago we were united, a day I will never forget and I look forward to so many more. She means the world to me and always will.

Corey and Dana

4 January 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know Dana is doing great! She is 100% part of the family after 6 months. I could never have asked or received a better dog. I love her so much. She is any and everything you could ask for and I am so glad she was saved by the organization, John and Tine and myself. She will have the life she deserves for the rest of her days, always. She got to go on her first camping trip in the snow a few weeks ago and her first fishing trip in our boat. She's a natural. She had so much fun and we're already looking forward to the next camping/ fishing trip. I always remind her she's a retired coonhound at the ripe old age of 3 years old, I'm jealous! Now she spends her days playing and treeing squirrels in our 2 trees in the back yard. It's funny watching her work 2 squirrels in 2 trees at the same time. She gets plenty of exercise, trust me. Anyway we'll keep you posted in the future.

Corey and Dana

11 June 2010

Dana's first night at home, " Happy New Years"

I found out she loves doing laundry, especially socks!

Like I said I think she likes football, she's even a 49ERS fan!

I remember when I had this whole couch to myself. Now my Dana changed that. She spends most of the day right there taking many naps.

She already knows what it is to have a campfire, " What are you waiting for Dad? Light it!"

Dana always knows Dad.

I wanted to give you an update on my new Black and Tan, Dana. She arrived at her new home on New Years Eve. She adapted fairly well but I could tell she missed her foster parents and especially the other 9 dogs. We spent the whole New Years Day weekend together getting to know each other and watching a lot of College football, ( I think she likes football! ) We'd go for walks every evening, she walks great. And did I mention she's house broken!!! The only thing is it took me a while to get her used to her crate. But she's ok now. I had to finally had to go back to work and I worried how she'd do while I was away. The first week was flawless. She had access to the garage and a 1/3 acre lot to run and play in. All the while though I could still see the loneliness in her face and the way she acted sometimes. Then she had a little moment one day! I came home to 13 holes in my backyard/ garden one day and 2 of them were my sprinkler system. I couldn't believe what was going on. I didn't get mad or irritated; I just started repairing the holes and called Tine, the lady I adopted her from.

I explained to her maybe she's suffering from separation anxiety and maybe I wasn't going to be able to give her all the attention she needs. ( I almost threw in the towel). I thought about it for 48 hours and what tore me up inside is what kind of life did this poor dog live before I found her? If I could only read her mind? I can tell by her eyes and her personality at times, it must have been bad. I had a little talk with her while walking one night, "We're in this life together now, come what may. I'll learn to understand you as you will me, to respect each other and to always be there for each other."

Since then things have been different, ( maybe she understood me? ). She is truly an awesome dog, at times I can't believe how smart and how good she is. I love her already. Thank-you.


21 January 2010