I just got back from a long road trip to Colorado and back. I went hiking, visiting family, hung outside on cantina patios greeting passerbys who fawned over my handsomeness and wanted to take my picture. They must have thought I was a celebrity. They raved about my good manners. I loved Colorado mountains.

Love, Webby

19 August 2015

I'm great! I'm a big boy now. I'm taking Canine Good Citizen classes and plan to get my certificate in a few weeks. My mom is in the process of obtaining my ILP number from the AKC. I have a fancy name: Webster's Georgia Turbo, so I can compete in some official obedience and fun classes. Georgia for where my roots are and Turbo, because my mom says I am a clone of her most beloved Black and Tan Coonhound: Am/Can. Class Act's Tommy Turbo, CD, TT. After that my mom wants to enroll me in more agility and therapy dog classes. I do think classes are fun...I really strut my stuff and am the BEST behaved and smartest guy in the class; everyone loves me. And, I LOVE riding in the car.

It's so cold here, but mom still lets me have a daily playdate with George Bush, my black Lab buddy next door, so we can expel a bit of our energy. We don't stay out long...just enough to get some fresh air.

Love, Webby

17 January 2015

I'm taking up a new hobby from chasing the squirrels.....I'm learning how to do agility. I'm pretty good but these little dogs in class are so fast....I can't keep up. My last run through, I just walk through and knock over the polls!! It's easier. Then I come home and flop in my couch. I'm the most well behaved boy in class!!!


21 April 2014

Webster here. I'm a southern boy, from the Goober state...I get called "goober" sometimes....not too fond of the cold weather creeping in up this way.

I'm growing up....practically a teenager now. Although, I still haven't outgrown the need for my big teen "digs" shown in the photo; once in a while I just can't contain my spirit when the family is gone for more than an hour and all that stuff on the counter is just fair game.

I have a best friend next door. We have a daily "playdate" so we can bash and brawl and burn off some of those male hormones! He's like my brother-but a crazy Leader Dog flunkie lab. Mom says I am incredibly good boy; mannerly, sweet, protective, loveable and spoiled, oh, and a good foot warmer while watching T.V. I do like to sneak up on the coffee table, see-usually reserved for the dang cats- and oversee the vacuuming activity.

Laying here with my mom, looking at some more recent photos and thought we'd send them to you. Cool, Huh? I have a good life.

Love, Webster

7 November 2012

Happy Holidays from Michigan...

It's still warm and sunny here during the days, but at night I like to snuggle in my bed next to mom and get into my jammies.....sending a photo of me...all snuggled up in my bed, visions of suger plums and dog bones dancing in my head....


and see.... I can use the automatic ice dispenser now !!!

Cynthia and troupe

31 December 2011

Well, the little man is a big guy.....he's about 105 lbs. and maturing out nicely physically. He is just beautiful to watch prance the yard...his stride is fantastic. He is such a good natured guy; easily corrected...since most recently he has found stray socks a tasty treat. Just a firm "no" and he transforms into a Chihuahua. He still has no idea where his ears and legs are in relation to the world.

I'm sending these photos of a post-"no! " moment and some other daily events. I was ready for bed and watching TV. He did something naughty and I got on him...he pouted for a moment and then when I said "OK"...he jumped up into my lap in his mental Chihuahua state and begged for more mercy. On an occasion if the bedroom door is open, he'll find his way to our bed and claim a pillow until he is discovered.

He has a few little funny quirks. One, being that he chews on the ends of his ears. Must be the tasty leftovers from dinner time. Looks like he has a wad of gum. He's a definate "talker". He talks in his huge ultra baretone grumble when he has a toy he wants you to play with and when I get home from work. You would think he was the saddest dog on the planet.

Cynthia and troupe

22 July 2011

All is good here, just giving you an update to keep in touch with my life. Mom has me on a ration plan for my diet...guess I was gaining toooo much weight. My dad is a good chef..I can't help it....every morning and evening I get a specially prepared homecooked meal that's really tasty. I really know how to suck up to the chef here. We are taking daily walks and I'm meeting the neighbors; they think my ears are cool. There are a lot of big, fat squirrels here that are really tempting ! I'm sending some photos of me and my brother and the rest of the gang...Billy is my best bud. I sometimes cry if I can't find him in the house. The cats are useless and I don't bother them, but they swat at me anyway.

Love, Webby

3 April 2011

Just a quick update for you on Webster. He is the hit of obedience class. The instructor likes him a lot and tries often to use him as an example, but gives him back to my daughter because he is "too mellow and not misbehaved" enough !! He is very obedient, the perfect temperament for doing obedience work...ultra sensitive and energetic. He is a very quick learner. My daughter has plans to obtain his CD. I would like to take it further and work on his Therapy Dog certificate and do some Agility while he is young and enthusiastic.

He has been given liberty to roam the entire house and occasionally when I forget to close the bedroom door he finds himself drawn to the middle of the bed...like King Tut. He is a big teddy bear and loves to snuggle up in one of our big leather chairs with one of us. He thinks he is a Chihuahua. He has packed on some weight and looks perfect now, not so much like an anorexic. And, he is very muscled up as well. He's a good eater, but not a pig...like my beagles. He eats in his crate so my beagles don't sneak in and steal his meals. It only takes him, at full steam ahead, 14 running strides to get across my backyard. He can run forever around the trees and enjoys tormenting the little beagle to chase him with his ball. It is hilarious to watch the beagle cheat and cut the path. They are close buddies now and are not seen without each other attached at the hip. It's been a great thing for both of them.


28 January 2011

Webster is a doll baby; soft and cuddly for such a big guy. He has shown us how he shakes hands, sits and abides by "no". Everyone in the house has a happily wagging tail and the cats could care less that there is a new pair of big pendulous floppy ears. He is all and better than we could have anticipated. He settled right in, as if he lived here before. He jumped right in helping prepare dinner, took the little dogs for a romp and wore them out, then ate his chow and crashed for the evening !! What a good boy he is...he is so well mannered and gentle. He is afraid of our one big cat and backs up when he sees the "halloween monster kitty"...he's not so keen on our blistering cold weather here either....toes out and quickly toes in, no loitering in the back yard !!

What a lover boy !! Right now he is snoring in the hall. He loves his crate which I keep open at all times for him as his safe zone. He is a hoot to watch combat a bouncing ball ! Sounds like I have a dinosaur in the house. He is so well mannered and happy. He was a little shy of our back door which also included a wooden kiddie gate to the basement in the same area. Once I covered the gate with a blanket, it wasn't so scary anymore. Last night we were pooped and sat down to watch the news...he carefully climbed up into my husbands lap and put his head on his shoulder and fell asleep. He obviously does not recognize how mammoth he is.

He is funny to watch with his gangly legs going in every direction. He is still so much a baby. Really just a perfect age for melting into the group and learning. His stride in the back yard is beautiful. A breeder would be happy to have such a lovely dog with a pretty gait. He is eating just fine and has had no problems with anything. He is good at sharing and also taking heed from the old girl about her things....she can't see so she is more vocal on common errors, like getting too close to her food or toys. He's done wonders for keeping my other little guy excercised. They are fast buddies already; like Abbott and Costello !!

Thanks to all !!!!
Cynthia, Michael and Mikaela and crew

4 January 2011