Simon, Niaya, and Wheeler

Wheeler is doing great! He's a fast learner and very energetic. He's learned to sit and we are now working on down and coming when he's called. That one is going to take some work, everything is still so new to him. He's doing well with learning to be patient for his meals. Breakfast is a little better than dinner right now, but I think that's just because he's so active he's pretty hungry by then. I brought him to work with me the other day and he did great. Took him on his first elevator ride, he wasn't to sure about that but we'll just keep doing it and he'll be fine. Then morning and afternoon we hit the trails where he is really nuts. He is quite the tracker! He pulls and tries to run and bays the whole way. I think he's tracking other dogs, because if we get on a less traveled trail he's fine. He sleeps well through the night after all that but is ready to do it all again in the morning. He's happy and is becoming a cherished family member.


Page last updated on 31 January 2009