Here is our story of CoCo (was Amy) and Reggie (was Wicked Dreams).

We picked up CoCo on April Fool's day from a local foster mom and dad (we were their first adopter). CoCo initially had some trouble with doorways, but she's over that now! She has that sweet, typical Coonie personality....just a bit misunderstood! We then got Reggie on August 21st, after a 5 hour drive to Columbus. He was a perfect doggie in the car the entire way home (after a 5 hour drive in from Indiana). Reggie was also that foster home's first adoption. Reggie is a big goof. He howls at everything, like he's never seen another human being! Changing from the country to city living has been a bit of a challenge, but he is doing well! He is a counter surfer, BIGTIME! While CoCo prefers MEAT, Reggie will eat essentially anything. They go right into their kennels at night, and up onto the bed once I get up to get ready for work. Reggie loves to tree anything, and is convinced that the squirrel is STILL in our tree out back. CoCo races cars down the driveway next to our backyard gate. She is FAST!

The dogs are getting along very well together, enjoy playing...CoCo prefers keep-away while Reggie always wants to play tug-of-war. All the kids are doing well with them too, and the little ones have really become much more brave. They aren't afraid of dogs anymore! Reggie can catch food midair, while CoCo just lets it bounce off her forehead. But, CoCo is very good at sitting! And wiggling! And her sniffer is the best one ever! She could find a crumb in the crack of the couch! They walk everyday, and CoCo is still kind of clueless, despite all our efforts! We are going to be taking them into the middle school at the end of the English classes reading "Where the Red Fern Grows" so that all the classes can see a "real Redbone!!!"

We are continually blessed by these dogs in our lives. Thank you to ABTCR for all the hard work! We hope to foster someday, too....so that we can give back to an association and a breed that has given so much to us!

Thank you!
Sarah and Brian
Reggie Reggbone and CoCo Beware

Page last updated on 11 November 2010