Returning home, a 14 hour day, and 12 hours in the car with our new Black & Tan, formerly “Wings”, it brought me comfort to look at his peaceful face in the rear view mirror, when we came to a dead stop crossing LA on a Friday night before Presidents weekend. Wings (now Pineau) has been with us 2 weeks, and he’s adjusted so well. Plays constantly with his squeaky duck and new found toys, he sits, stays, knows “out of the Kitchen”, and is totally housebroken, and walks well on a leash. We are so proud of him… and he is a LOVE.

We have taken him on numerous runs on open safe fields with streams and he always returns… and then quickly jumps in the car, and flops when he gets home. We are so proud of him. It took us all of 1, almost 2 weeks; we held out & now gave into him sleeping right between us, yes under the covers. However, he does have a very plush comfortable bed right next to us.

We are still trying to overcome some fear issues with strangers, but slowly improving. We have had a Walker, a Redbone and now thrilled to have a beautiful Black and Tan, with his own personality.

Thank you, Tine and John, for the time you spent with him and the time you give to these lovable strays you have fostered and cared for. You were so helpful, in making our trip up North so successful, as you know I was a bit discouraged, but you made it all possible and it was worth the trip.

Cindy & Jean Louis Villiot

Page last updated on 15 March 2010