We have had Winston for a week now and he is adjusting wonderfully. He is still quite a puppy, so he does get into trouble every now and then, but overall he is a very good dog. He had some separation anxiety the first few days, but is getting used to our schedule quickly. He is extremely well trained in the basic commands and does excellent on the leash. He has been a complete joy to have join our family and we look forward to many years of fun with him.

He does great with our 3 year old daughter and loves to play with our cat (who doesn't always want to play with him!). We are working on how to play nicely with both of them as he does get a little mouthy at times. I think he just gets over-excited that someone wants to play with him. He has also played with quite a few of the neighborhood dogs and loves them all, especially Molly the yellow lab....I think he might have a puppy crush on her.

He loves to go for car rides and gets very jealous if you don't take him with you, so we try to take him everywhere we can. He just sticks his head out and smells every single smell he can! I think he is really enjoying being part of a family, especially one with a child....not to mention the food that the child drops on the floor!!

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the rescue for giving us this wonderful dog! We will keep you posted with updates of Winston. Again, thank you and keep doing what you are doing!!!! :)

Thank you,
Dustin, Becky and Madysen

Page last updated on 9 November 2008