I was going through some old emails and ran across the run sheet from when you sent Winnie to us, it is hard to believe that January 7 2017 will be 5 years since we picked up that timid little girl at the A&W in Madison, WI. She has grown in personality so much these past 5 years and is friendly to everyone that comes to visit and loves to play with our 6-year-old Granddaughter. Winnie loves to go for rides and lay out on the driveway on warm days, she knows when it is time for me to get home and sits at attention at the back door, and also sits patiently in the kitchen as I cook supper waiting for something to hit the floor and totally loses her mind when she hears the first kernel of popcorn hit the kettle. She comes up for head rubs and soon works her way around so you are scratching her backend. She has retained a few of the anxieties she had when she first came to us, we cannot have her out when we are doing yard work, if we pick up a rake or shovel she slinks off and we find her shaking at the back door quivering and someone with a loud voice will send her off to hide, it make us sad to think what her life was like before you rescued this wonderful girl and sent her to us.

Here are a few pictures, the one with her staring up with her ears pinned back is her famous “I want popcorn pose”.

Best wishes this holiday seaso,
Al and Janet Zander

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