Our new girl, Roxie (formerly Wishlist) has settled nicely into her new pack. She was welcomed home by two adults and four dogs, a German Shepard Mix, 2 Weimaraners, and a Catahoula Hound.. After two days she was clearly Number Two in the pack. My Alpha Girl, Lolly, continually has Roxie challenging her but to no avail. The sisters are quite a group.

Roxie loves the yard and will stay out barking at cats and chasing the birds as they come and go from the bird feeder. She loves to run and play with her sisters. She can often be found chasing Cloe (the Catahoula) at full speed around and around the yard until they decide it's Hound Wrestling Time. After playing hard, she crashes hard. She is often spotted in the spare room on the guest bed snoozing for hours!

She has truly warmed up to us as well. She was slightly unsure at first, but has grown to trust us, and with that comes the incredible love that I now know Black and Tans have for their owners. She gives you that look, puts her paw on you and kisses so softly. Her focus on you is 100% plus.

p Thanks for helping Roxie find her way to her Forever Home. We love her so much.
Wendy and Steve

Page last updated on 3 May 2010