I didn't want to change his name, so it's officially still Yuletide, but we call him Yulie most of the time. He went to the vets last Friday to meet them and to get a check up, and Yulie has gained 10 pounds, and currently weighs 61 pounds! I have him on a new dog food, and he is beginning to bulk up and look great! Yulie is heartworm positive, but the vet said he's getting strong enough to begin treatment for the heartworms. It's hard to believe a little over a month ago, he was caught in a spring trap, resorting to chewing off his own foot. Each day when I wake up and see his beautiful face, I thank God that he chose Kim Peacock's house to get help from. He has recovered beautifully from his amputation, and is so smart, it only took a couple of days to house train him. He now shares a home in South West Florida with a mom, dad, 2 teenage brothers, a preteen sister, a dachshund, a tea cup poodle and a cat (who loves to have him "tree" her). Yulie is still a little shy of loud noises, but hopefully, he'll continue to improve in this area. He loves to "load up" (of course, I help him into the truck now) and go for rides down the back roads. He also loves to ride down the interstate inside the truck with his head out the back window. He sleeps in the room with my husband and I, and once I leave for work, he will go back to bed with dad. When we are gone during the day, he stays in his kennel, which is right next to my chair in the living room. When we let him out into the yard, Yulie runs a few steps, turns around, and begins jumping straight up in the air off all three paws, bouncing from side to side! It's the funniest thing I have ever seen. He's even beginning to growl and bark at me while jumping up and down to get me to play with him. I have included pictures, but Yule doesn't like to stay still for long, and it's hard to get an "up close and personal" picture of him, because he sticks his nose into the lens. I can't say enough about AB&T Coonhound Rescue!

Dawn Hansen

Page last updated on 21 January 2012