I just wanted to give you an update on Zappa boy. Feel free to put this on the website along with the picture of him and his new sister Gracie... Because of his inquisitive manner and great sniffer we decided to name him Watson. (We refer to him also as "Sir sniffs a lot") It definitely suits him. His first day here he dug up a bone in our garden from last summer that neither my greyhound nor I knew was there. He is responding well to his new name. His second day here he was helping me make a salad. Because he was so attentive during this time I decided to try to teach him sit using baby carrots. Well it only took him about ten minutes to learn how to sit (using the word and hand signal) and now it is his favorite thing to do. When he enters a room this is the first thing he does. I think he likes all the praise and kisses he gets from his mommy when he does this. Watson met his Grandparents and they were very impressed. He was extremely well behaved and was sure to show them his new learned trick, sit, whenever he wanted attention. Watson had no problem fitting in with his new family. He sleeps with his head on the pillow in between mommy and daddy while Gracie, his sister Italian Greyhound sleeps under the sheets to hide from the snoring. Thats right, daddy and Watson snore and drive the girls nutz. Watson is trying so very hard to play with his new sister Gracie. Because of the size difference of 45 lbs it is a bit challenging at the moment but they have learned how to beg together. He is currently trying to be house trained and shows us he needs to go by pacing back and forth between our front and back door.


Page last updated on 4 January 2009