Hello there! It's been a while since my last Mater update and I apologize for that! Things here have been great! My husband and I just love Mater so much! My husband (who has never been a dog person!) has even said that if we were to get another dog he wants another coonhound! Mater is so good with other dogs it continues to amaze me. We take him to Petsmart and he lets other dogs (big and small) jump all over him and he is so gentle with them. Owners of little dogs are always hesitant to allow their dogs to interact with Mater but I assure them he will be great and it will be good socialization for their dogs and he always does so well with them. He just lays down and let's them romp all over him. The dog trainer at Petsmart even told me how impressed he was with Mater's training (that I did all by myself!). Always makes you feel pretty good about the hard work that you spent training a dog when a professional acknowledges it! Mater is even getting along really well with my 3 cats...he lets them walk up to him and rub up against him and head butt him and he just lays there looking at them.

The one bad bit of news I have to report is that Mater was diagnosed with Lupus. It is luckily not the systemic lupus and is only isolated at this time to his nose. I noticed his nose kept getting crusty and I took him in to the vet that I work for and after a couple rounds of failed therapy trying to get the crustiness to clear up we did a biopsy of his nose that came back as lupus. He is now own a daily regimen of tetracycline, omega-3 fatty acids, niacinaminde, and vitamin E and so far all looks good. His nose hasn't crusted over in months! Other than that Mater is thriving nicely.

Thank you again for everything you do for all of these amazing coonies!


24 September 2011

Just wanted to send a quick note with some new Mater pictures. My work (the animal hospital I work part-time at) is updating their website and asked employees to bring their pets in for some photo ops. He is wonderful and is doing great here! We put up a fence for him in July and he just loves playing in our "dog park". He is now tipping the scales at 97 pounds!


7 October 2010

Everything here is great! Mater is tipping the scales at just over 80 pounds now! He is definitely not overweight - he is just so tall and keeps on growing! I wonder how big he will ultimately be when he decides he can stop growing. He can just about rest his head on the counter and check out what is up there...which is not ideal! But he's learning "Off". He is still a quick learner and picks up new tricks easily. Mater makes us laugh daily with his crazy antics but he is always such a good boy. I hug and kiss him every day and tell him how much I love him (according to my husband I tell the dog I love him more than I tell my husband...he'll get over it though!) I will certainly continue to stay in touch and send you updates.

15 July 2010

I just wanted to send you an update on Mater. He is doing so well! I've only had him for a month and I can't imagine my life without him. He seems to grow up and mature every day. I brought him to the animal hospital that I work at part-time for his last puppy check-up and he weighs 40 pounds now! I can't believe he has put on 11 pounds since I got him a month ago! He isdefinitely not a picky eater! I am even happy to say that when I had him at the animal hospital my boss "stole" him from me to show him to the other people in administration and brought him back less than 5 minutes later because he was crying and looking for me...he loves me! His list of things he knows how to do has also grown. My husband taught him how to roll over...which is pretty amazing because my husband has never had a dog and has never been a dog person. He also knows how to speak on command...which is really cute! He also has learned somepatience over the last couple of weeks which is always a good thing! I think that pretty much sums things up for now. He is amazing and we just love him!

25 January 2010

Everything here is going very well. He is adjusting quite well. We are now calling him "Mater" and he seems to be adjusting just fine to the new name, too! I have been working with him and he knows sit, high five, and he is working on down and stay...but he is really getting pretty good with staying already! We took him to PetsMart yesterday and he absolutely loved the attention...and everyone loved him! He even met another coonhound while he was there and just loved him! He sits so nicely to be pet and really seems to understand when he is doing something he's not supposed to be and we tell him no. He is just so smart! I am so excited to keep working with him. He even let me trim his nails with him just lying there! I can't thank you enough for all of your help this last week. I appreciate so much the opportunity to have him in my life.

Thank you again!

22 December 2009