Our Perfect Dog

ZooLoo Sue AKA Zooey and/or Zoo-Zoo joined our family on Christmas Day. Although apprehensive at first, ZooLoo settled right in as an active member of our family taking daily walks and Razor Scooter runs with Logan. In no time flat she showed her true puppy skills by chewing a pair on my flip flops and then a pair of work shoes. We quickly learned that anything on the ground was fair game. Being that she is the smartest dog ever, she took to her crate like a pro and will now put herself to bed when she gets tired. Puppy training class was a breeze and she learned sit, stay, down and to come on command. She graduated with honors. Her next class begins in July. We are attempting to teach her to look both ways before crossing the street to chase the neighborhood squirrels…….that one many be a stretch. In short, Logan stated it best, ZooLoo is the perfect dog for our family. We are very pleased to have found her and been matched up with her.

Thank you so much!
Donna Scott

Page last updated on 14 June 2010