"Abbey Road"

(Abbey Road and her three puppies were the first dogs to enter Rescue in 2006. She had found herself alone and fending for herself and 3 Black & Tan pups - for a long time, from the looks of it, as you can see from the top photo.)

This update is being written with thankfulness, joyfulness and heartache. Cathy and I adopted Abbey Road (named changed to Annie) on February 8, 2006. Upon her arrival on Sat. Feb. 4th – my wife and I fell in love with the kindest and gentlest coonhound. My dad, whom we share Annie with, also fell in love with her after having lost my mom in November and our former dog Libby in January to cancer. We took Annie to our Vet upon her arrival and he suggested that we have some dental work done on her. On Feb. 22 she had a number of teeth removed – due to her gnawing on a chain link fence or chain. Also, a tumor was removed that our vet informed us was usually found on older dogs. Annie adjusted to life just fine in Maine. She has become the joy and love of our lives. My dad cares for her daily while we teach during the day. This summer has just been great for Annie. She enjoys running, sleeping and eating!!! As you can tell from the other pictures, she is a happy coonhound.

Today we took Annie to our vet to be operated on as we noticed a lump on her breast recently. While he had her under anesthesia he discovered that she had already had a prior mastectomy and it seems that tumors have now spread throughout her body. We decided not to put her through surgery (recommendation from our vet) and to keep her as comfortable as possible – we will know the time our vet informed us during the upcoming months. We can’t thank you enough for bringing Annie into our lives. As my dad stated - Annie deserved better.

Bernie & Cathy Lucas

Page last updated on 19 August 2006