Just wanted to share some updated photos of Abby. I caught her and her brother, Hudson, taking a snooze on the rug together. They were so cute! She's come a long way since we've had her. She is a very quick learner and has learned some basic commands such as come, sit, lie down, stay, paw, "let's go in" when we're done outside, and "in your box" when she needs to go in her crate. She loves her Collie brother, Hudson, and they play lots of crazy games. We always laugh when she runs because her big ears flop all over the place. She is amazingly gentle with the kids, and when a friend brought her new baby over, Abby couldn't get enough of her! She followed mom and baby around everywhere. Thanks again for making such a great match - we all love Abby very much!

Nancy McDaid

11 November 2007

Just wanted to send you an update and some recent photos of Abby. She's doing great and has adjusted really well. The accidents in the house lasted for about a month and a half, but now she seems to know where she's supposed to be going. She's having a great time enjoying the wildlife here. We have a lot of floor to ceiling windows, and she's able to watch the deer and the squirrels (notice her looking out the window in one of the pictures) all day long. We've also discovered that she loves stuffed animals and tennis balls. She only likes the ball to be rolled though, and she pounces on it. It's the cutest thing! We do think she misses being a mommy though. Our neighbor just got a couple of puppies, and when she's outside and hears them yelping, she goes crazy. She desperately wants to get to them.

Thanks for matching us up with such a great and lovable dog! Have a great summer!
Nancy McDaid

3 June 2007