Today Boo is celebrating his second birthday. He will be pampered all day long, given all his favorite foods and tucked into bed at night, just like every other day. He is a fantastic dog and we still can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt him. He is 88 lbs, fast as a whip, well-mannered when food is not around, fun loving and obedient. He loves to run and hike in the woods, greet all the trick or treaters, who seem to like him as much as candy, but most of all he loves his family as much as we love him.

Thanks again,
Rick and Laura Alfieri

4 November 2010

Thanks to everyone involved in getting this fantastic puppy to us. He is doing great and after a few days of tension, our little beagle, Lily, and Boo have become best friends. Boo loves to run and eat and jump and eat and sleep and eat. He has adapted quickly to the frozen tundra of northern PA and now is eager to to go out at all hours, sometimes way too early. He is proving to be a very smart boy, he listens well,and walks great on the leash. His favorite activity is romping around in the woods with Lily, they sniff and dig side by side until Boo begs to go home for a nap (and treat). He was very brave during his first visit to the vet and got all of his shots and a micro-chip without a whimper, but the big test is today when he gets his nails cliped. Thanks again to everyone at AB&TC Rescue for all you do for all of your dogs.

Rick and Laura Alfieri

3 March 2009