Wallace had a very eventful Christmas this year. Before we began our marathon cooking Christmas eve we decided to take the dogs for a walk, little did we now what a nightmare that was about to come. On our way back to the car right after Wallace got done swimming we noticed he was pawing at his mouth, we ran up to him and he had a weighted fishing line hanging out of his mouth! Of course this was right after 5 so the only veterinary option was the emergency vet. We found out once there, he had swallowed a three pronged hook whole and it was already in his stomach. The only option was surgery. He spent Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day at the emergency vet, we were finally able to pick up a very exhausted, sad coon hound at about 8 pm Christmas day. Needless to say we were a bit stressed with our pup in the ER on Christmas. He had about an 8 inch incision on his stomach, and lived in a t shirt with a doughnut around his neck for about a month. Now we have a very expensive fishing hook ornament for our 2010 Christmas, once we find a memory ball to hang it in.

Luckily he has fully recovered and went on an 8 mile, 5 hr., very strenuous hike last weekend carrying a pack. Our other coonie had no pack and was completely done in at the end, as were Craig and I. Wallace still had energy to keep going, and pulled us most of the way back. He's an amazing little dog. As he matures he is becoming such a great companion. We really appreciate all that you're organization does.

Katie and Craig

26 March 2011

I wanted to give you an update on Wallace (formerly Dierks Bentley of the Alabama Songbirds). He is an awesome dog, so smart and loving. He gets so excited when we're on our way to the beach, it was too cold to go in until recently and he is thoroughly enjoying the warmer water. We spend our weekends going on hikes in the back country looking for water holes in San Diego, not the easiest thing to find. Wallace has endless energy to hike all day; I can't wait to take him camping for the first time at the end of the month. His other favorite place to go is the barn, he gets to run around like a mad man and tell off the neighbor dogs and the horses. We are working on his manners around the horses but he takes advantage whenever I'm on my horse to bark at the others. He's been on a few trail rides and did very well, keeping up and paying attention to the group. However, those will have to go on hold for a while now that fox tail season is in full swing here in San Diego.

He recently had his second rattlesnake avoidance training. This time he only tried to sniff the skin and didn't go for the snakes at all (he remembered his previous training, yea Wallace). The poor handler spent the rest of the short training session with Wallace trying to climb into his lap. Hopefully he only has one session left before he's completed his training.

Wally steals the hearts of everyone that meets him. He hasn't met a person he's not willing to jump up onto the minute they make eye contact. For some reason he's convinced that's his invitation to leap into that persons arms. Thanks so much for this amazing dog. Your organization is wonderful and saves so many lives.

Katie and Craig

21 May 2010

Wallace is doing great. We are so happy to have him, he really does complete our family. He loves to swim...whether it's a pool, pond, lake, or the ocean, nothing is too large. He has formed a play/chase relationship with one of our cats. They take turns swiping at, and chasing each other around the house. We take him out on off leash walks and he loves the freedom to run loose with Tucker, although he is quite a bit braver and willing to go places that Tucker won't. He also went through his first rattlesnake avoidance training, where he repeatedly walked right up to or over the rattlesnake, but he eventually got the idea.

Thanks again for your wonderful organization. I tell all of my houndy friends about you.

Katie and Craig

5 August 2009

Dierks Bentley, now Wallace, is doing great. He loves lounging in the back yard and playing in the kiddie pool with Tucker. The two of them hate to be separated and now share a double dog bed at night. You were right, Wallace is a special puppy; so smart and in tune to everything. We can't wait till he's had all his puppy shots so he can go to the dog beach.

Thanks again for helping us get this wonderful coonie.

1 May 2009