Just wanted to give you an update on Bruiser (formerly Earl Thomas Conley of the Alabama Songbirds). Bruiser is now 3 yrs old and doing just wonderful! Bruiser now has a sister; Emma, a 16mo old German Shepherd. They are best friends and inseperable! We have now moved to the country and he loves the 1.75 acres we have. He sticks around and never goes very far from the house. We love him so much!

Matt, Hannah, and Emma

12 September 2011

Bruiser is doing wonderful!!! He's a big boy already!!!! He's been fully potty trained for about 2 month now so thats a plus. It was like one day he just got it. He's a great dog and we can't thank you enough!

26 July 2009

We're happy to say "Bruiser" (formerly Earl Thomas Conley of the Alabama Songbirds) has found his forever home here in Wisconsin!!!!

11 April 2009