We are so happy to report that Milo (formerly Dwight Yoakum of the Alabama Songbird litter) is doing great and just blended right into our family. The family cat will even give into his play bows every once in a while. He is a wonderful hound and we are so happy to have him. He was trained quickly and with ease. He recently graduated from beginner school and will move on to intermediate school next month. We hope to get the K-9 good citizen award some day. Milo has endless energy and can wear out 3 of his lab friends in one day. He enjoys his daily walks and is becoming a great jogging buddy. He has a gentle and kind spirit and absolutely loves people, especially children. Milo is getting his big dog voice and has started baying in the evening when he sees an animal outside, and the sound is truly music to our ears.

We thank you so much for what you do for these wonderful dogs; they are in a class of their own. And in the opinion of this now biased hound dog owner, the best breed of dog.

Heidi, Dennis, and Nathan

Page last updated on 13 October 2009