(now "Annabelle Lee")

Once again, let me say how pleased I am with this dog. She's figuring out all the small stuff slowly but surely -- the little signals we give our dogs. It's interesting to watch her learn. I've always been around dogs as puppies, so I learned to teach good manners as a matter of course. Annabelle has a few things to learn. Nothing major, but it's fun to let her figure it out.

A few examples.... She now knows that when I snap my fingers on my left or right side, that she can put her head in lap on my left or right thigh. When petting time is over, I turn away and she goes and lays down. She knows that when Ed and I sit on the porch with an appetizer that she can't linger around, hoping for hand-outs, but that we appreciate her company at our feet. She waits at the door to come in and go out, and she knows she can trust me to get the timing right, so she never whines or barks. (unlike the love of our life, Basker -- the barking master). Basically, all those little manners that make a good dog great.

I mentioned that she likes to play. She's a really fun playmate, chasing her squeaky toy, bringing it back or running around the yard at top speed. All that stuff. Basically, she's got all the marks to be a lifelong wonderful companion.


Page last updated on 6 May 2006