This is the story of a young Black and Tan Coonhound who was hit by a truck in rural Illinois, dislocating one hip and fracturing the other in several places. The driver kept going, but a woman who saw the dog struck stopped to help. She took the dog home and, with the help of her vet, took on the task of caring for this coonhound who she named ďAngel.Ē

Angel has undergone one surgery and is now on kennel rest while the fractures heal. She has also found her forever home with Deserai Crenshaw, the kind woman who stopped to help her on the road that day. She has shared Angelís story with us, as seen through Angelís eyes.

Sitting along the road lost, cold, hungry.
I look into her eyes.
She drives right by...
I dart across the road and what hit me?
I can't move.

Oh, no, I think its coming back!
No, wait, this is different, she's talking to me.
Soft voice, soft touch
I lay in total submission.
Who is this . . . she is warm.

I lay stiff in fear, too scared to move not to scare her away.
I don't make a sound, not even a peep.
She's picking me up, where am I going, should I be afraid?
IS she the one?

I lay in this house, warm straw for my bed
She fed me and watered me,
I just know I am not dead...
All through the night she checked up on me.
I can't go to sleep in fear I won't breathe.

Morning comes and she is here again
I know I can beat this, I know I can win.
Where is she going? Please stay here with me.
I am a good doggie, please lady love me.

What is this?
A warm porch, I made it in the door.
I just know that she will keep me
I just need to hang on a little more.

I hear her footsteps
I see her come through the door, I wag my tail
I look into her eyes and I know that I've touched her,
Her heart fell to her feet
I see the tears falling again as our eyes meet.

She tells me hang on little baby while she lays me on her floor.
I am now in a car on my way to where?
Is this ride familiar?
Will I again fly through the air?

No, what is this smell?
It smells like more dogs.
Who is this woman?
Who is this new voice I hear? (sounds just as sweet.)

She touches me, caresses me, I feel that she also cares,
My eyes meet hers and there's this big blank stare.
So I lay there not moving, too frightened and too scared,
I am afraid if I move this dream will be gone
For the feelings I am feeling have not been with me long.

I've never been loved
My pathís been hard,
I feel like I playing the last final card.

I feel kind of foggy as I open my eyes
What's this? A name, they named me to my surprise.
Although I am shattered, beat down and torn,
Somehow I feel, I feel I have just been reborn.

I know that I have them
I found a new home for the rest of my life
I will no longer roam.

I promise to be faithful, to love and to care,
For giving me my life, my life I will share.
I will, I will stand by you through thick and through thin
For your heart was open and my heart did win.

Thank you, my friend, who helped care for me.
For you gave a chance
I won't let you down,
And when you make it to heaven your gift is a crown.

You are my savior, my dear,
My new friend
For your choice was made
And my life you didn't end.

I will end my letter so tired and weak,
But for once, just once, I know I can sleep.
As I close my eyes I still see you there.
The healer who loved me, the healer who cared.

Page last updated on 1 December 2005