K.Cat has had a fun and festive year. She has visited the Vintage Senior Living several times this year, playing the piano and helping with bingo games. The residents their love her visits. Chasing birds and other dogs on the beach. Hiking in the mountains, digging up ground squirrels and chilling in the shade. We try to keep her busy, healthy and happy because she is our gift and we love her to death.

With Warm Wishes,

7 December 2011

K-Cat has been a busy girl! When not posing for photographs, she is in training with Hollywood Paws and hoping to be in movies and commercials or a cover girl for a magazine. She has also passed her Canine Good Citizen test.


31 March 2010

K.CAT's little sister "China" passed away March 25, 2008
at 12 years old. She helped with K.CAT's house training.
We will miss her deep in our hearts every day.

K.CAT is doing very well in her "Fun Nose Work" classes as they will hopefully prepare her for search and rescue. In October of 08' K.CAT and I (her mama) took a road trip to Oregon for a week and hiked in the mountains following some of the original trails of explorers "Lewis & Clark". We also go hiking in the mountains here in Southern California and sometimes K.CAT gets to go to "Camp Bow Bow" for a day of play with the other puppies.


24 January 2009

Thank you, Jayne, for bringing us together with our little K.Cat. She is a blessing and a joy. Being that I'm a professional photographer, having K.Cat's personality in front of the camera is quite the pleasure. She lights up the lens. She always has something to say about everything and has the energy of a lightning bolt. We love her and are so happy you called us after Emmy's passing... wouldn't have missed this for the world.

The Happy Orange County California Family
Dawn, George, China & K.Cat
(and Stretchy, the actual cat)

13 March 2008