Arlo fell in love with my husband from the first meeting and has put on weight and his ear has healed. He looks at Daniel with so much love and loyalty in his eyes it brings goosebumps to my arms and the hairs on my neck tingle. His new best buddy Piper, a catahoula leopard dog, and Arlo like to chew on the same cut of firewood. Piper is also a rescue, so they have a close bond. Our dogs love to wrestle in the yard and love their side-by-side memory foam mattress adorned crates in the living room when they are exhausted from their backyard exercises. We are happy to say that Arlo and our new little one have completed our family. We are blessed to have such a loyal and loving-without-boundaries black and tan coonhound...our Arlo.

Thank you to the Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for allowing us this companion connection!!
Sara and Daniel Brichetto and family

Page last updated on 12 March 2011