Hello to all the wonderful staff at Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue. I just wanted to send a little note to thank you all. Avan (Bruno as we call him) is adjusting very well in his new home. The trip to Dryden, ON. Canada was great! He traveled very well in the car, sleeping most of the way. His first trip to the vet was great! He came out with nails trimmed and a clean bill of health! He has such great manners and is so well behaved the vet asked me how I got so lucky. He is excellent in the house and very quiet too. I don't think I have heard him bay yet. (Stella does enough for the both of them, I guess. hee hee) Bruno has made friends with our cat, Tegan, and our female Black and Tan Coonhound, Stella. Stella is bringing out the pup in our 3.5 year old Bruno. To see them gallop around our house like pups is hilarious! He is an amazing, awesome dog! I can't express how happy we are to have him in our home. He is adjusting very well and enjoys sleeping on our bed (when we are not in it) and he likes to sleep on his bed when we are! He loves running free in the house and is a little leery of sudden movements and noises. The scents and sounds outdoors have him both intrigued and cautious, he doesn't venture too far from my side. Bruno enjoys his walks and does extremely well on leash. He is my shadow indoors, too, finding a comfortable place to lie down in which ever room I may be working in. He loves my son and is coming around with my husband, too. (It has only been a week and we know all good things come with time) Thank you again so much for our handsome big boy. (We will send more updates and pictures soon!)

Take care! OXOXO
Crystal Kuznak and Family

Page last updated on 24 June 2007