I can’t believe she is six years old! Getting a little bit of a silver muzzle now. I recently acquired a new rescue project and it got me thinking that I haven’t checked in in awhile. In the pic, can you guess which one is the B&T (he he)? Miya has had her new sister for about 2 years. She has been very tolerant and nice, but she exerts her “top dog” status when she must. She is the premiere “cuddle bug” – the one I seek after a long day at work . . . the new dog can have most anything except the prized spot by the peeps when it comes to settling in for the night. She loves to be petted and loves her ears rubbed! That’s a good thing because her ears are my prized possession. I call them my ears of gold! Prone to ear infections I have a lot of money in those ears and won’t accept anything but that silky feel of the insides and a nice shiny coat on the outside. MO< Training has been a challenge and I long ago gave up on a “hush” and “off” cue, focusing more on recall. She is very food motivated!! I wish there were counter surfing competitions because with that long body and long tongue she still impresses me with the places she can reach. I started my newest “project” in rally obedience and she is doing great. I started a competition at home where I will randomly call “heel” with the intent on rewarding the dog who does the best. My other dog will be pretty and perfect, but Miya gets there quickly but clumsy with a lot of ‘clunk’ pushing the other dog aside - it’s hilarious! I don’t know which one to reward . . . perfect and pretty or quickly but clumsy! OK – I reward them both as long as they each give me their best .

My regret is that I didn’t appreciate the power of that nose several years ago and get Miya involved in an activity to utilize it to its fullest extent. But don’t feel sorry for her – she is living the Life of Riley, is in great health and a prized member of my family.

Many thank,

22 March 2013

Baby Ruth, now known as Miya, which was the name she came to the shelter with, is doing great! I'm getting a quick reminder of what a puppy is all about! She's been with us for several weeks now and is healthy and acclimating well to her new home and cousins. We will be starting obedience training in March (I'm a wimp in the cold weather).

A few pics to show her progress:

1. As soon as she mastered the stairs (which didn't take long), she made herself right at home on our comforter which was nestled on the floor at the foot of our bed (oh yeah - puppies - excellent trainers of people to put their stuff away and off the floor!).
2. Basic at home training started very quickly and she can sit real pretty when there is a treat at stake!
3. We're a little worried about our 4 ft fence in the rear of our property - it didn't take her long to discover the ducks, herons and other wildlife on the other side of the fence!
4. When she first got to her new home, she discovered "stairs" (after a meal and a healthy, long run in the backyard after her 8 hour trip)
5. She was quickly introduced to the dog park nearby and made friends with a chocolate lab puppy - they played for about an hour - Miya spent the rest of the afternoon snoring away on the couch.
Miya is all PUPPY! Very playful, exuberant and energetic. She gets along with all people and animals so far. This is our first experience with a hound, but we love her and her personality very much already. All our family members and friends adore her and her bark! Can't wait to try to get her in a canoe and at the beach this spring.

25 February 2007