It's been two years since we last contacted you so I will give you an update on Bella who is doing just fine. August marked the fourth year she has been with us. She will be five in February, and she has settled into a routine that seems to fit her just fine. She is a small but solid 45 lbs and content to eat dog food only. She doesn't like treats or like to play with toys but she'll chase our two cats all day long. Her passion has always been to ride either in the truck or in the car and take her daily walks in the woods where her nose seldom leaves the ground from beginning to end. In December she will return to Florida with us for the winter. The grand-kids live there and give her plenty of love while their two dogs and Bella have become good companions and buddies and I am sure they will be happy to see each other.

God bless you and the people who bring hope to so many of these beautiful animals.

Jim and Martha McGuy

24 September 2008

Bella has been a member of our family for more than a year and during that time she has settled in and made the adjustment just fine. Our vet tells us she is healthy and strong and her love for her home and people in her life is evident. She is friendly with our big male cat, tolerates one of the females but has no use for the other female, guess 2 out of 3 isn't too bad. Her passion is to ride in the car and take long walks which we do daily. Her days are spent in the yard laying under the trees or in my pick-up which I park with the door open so she can get in and out. She has made friends with our sons' and friends' dogs and enjoys being with them when they come to visit or we visit them. She is well behaved and obedient. In December she will return to Florida with us for the winter where she will have grand-kids and their two dogs to play with. As I look at her, now, stretched out sleeping on the living room couch I'd have to say this little coonhound's life is pretty good and she knows it and we're happy she's here enjoying it with us.

Thank you for all you did to match her up with us, she is a blessing.
Jim and Martha

9 October 2005