Here are some pictures of Blackjack (formerly of the Redneck Chili Peppers) and Ruby (formerly Ruby Red of the Red Hots). We adopted Blackjack in mid-August and Ruby 1 week ago (mid-October). They have become fast friends, although the first few days after Ruby came home with us were touch and go! Blackjack is definitely "large and in-charge", but Ruby has figured out how to get what she wants, too. They are both very smart, healthy, happy, and very energetic. At times, they are just a black and white blur, running and rolling through the house or yard. They have both taken to crate training very quickly, but we are still working on housebreaking. Blackjack loves his walks, and Ruby would too if it weren't for the leash! We are glad that we adopted two so that they each have a companion.

Thanks to everyone at ABTCR and the foster homes for all you did for both of these pups and all the others.

Jeff and Stacey Dilley

Page last updated on 27 October 2007