"Bob Dawg"

Bob Dawg was rescued to his forever home on February 1st of 2005 (Happy 50th to my wonderful husband). Bob Dawg was so skinny that we wondered where the rest of him was. After a week of very hard sleeping from what we think was simply exhaustion, his personality started to shine. He is the best dog in the whole wide world. Shy, but coming around, he loves his early morning and evening walks. His favorites are the Saturday drives to the park to catch all those coons... okay squirrels.....all right so what if it is just the biscuits in our pockets...... he has a great time! He house trained quickly and after telling him one time "no couch" he hasn't tried again. However, now our furniture gets no use because we lounge on the floor with him. He is a great traveling companion around town running errands. He gets lots of kisses and hugs and is excellent with all size kids. Not a barker. His coon howl is a hoot. He listens, is mild tempered, smart and loves to "landscape and excavate" in the back yard. That's OK because he is such a good buddy. We love him so very much. We can't say enough on this breed of dog (his predecessor was a b&t mix that we put down in September from advanced cancer). A big thanks to Jane Schlegel! She is a true advocate for the proper placement and care of this beautiful breed. She was a big help answering all our questions and aiding us in understanding why rescues are so special.

page last updated on 4 September 2005