Bodean was adopted November of 2004 It has been almost a year since we adopted this sweet pup! He's a joy and a constant comedy! I think he thinks he's in heaven! He loves the pond and the 10 acre bird ranch which he helps guard from big bad coons! He and Willy are constantly wrastling as Sandy referees from the side lines, keeping the boys in line! Somehow Bodean and Willy sleep on my husband's side of the bed when he's on night shift. It's a little crowded, but I can't bear to say no! His endless antics keep us laughing! Being part of the solution, not the problem, feels great!!!!And so rewarding for all involved!!!

Thanks, Lisa

14 October 2005


Just wanted to send an update on Bodean (formerly Valentino). Bo is still keeping us well entertained! He's such a comedian! Especially during the colder season, since he's not outside as much he begs Willy to play..it's a real sight to see this big ox of a dog thrash his body right onto Willy's, until Willy finally gives in for a wrestling match. Willy is 9yrs now, but Bo keeps him young! He still loves to wade in the pond, but oddly, hates a bath...it's a real hoot to hear my teenage daughters scream for mercy in the bathroom as they try to hold him down AND everything else in his path! He just had his 2nd Birthday and we are so happy to have him. Life just wouldn't be the same without our sweet coony boy! We just can't say enough, rescuing Bodean was the best thing we've ever done!

Thanks again!
The Glace Family

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