First my wife and I want to thank you and your organization again for all you do for the animals.

It has been a couple of years since I have updated ABTCR on Bonnie. We adopted Bonnie in Sept 99 when she was just 4 months old. We lived in Michigan then and I drove down to Virginia to pick her up. Since then she has been part of a great dog family. At that time Bonnie replaced our beloved Redtick (Chelsea) that passed away. We have since moved from Michigan and now live in Tennessee. Our family has since grown to 8 dogs, all from rescues. Our latest was going to be another Black and Tan (Andy) but when we inquired about him from the Williamson County Humane Society someone from ABTCR came and picked him up. But thatís ok - we adopted Nash instead, a Plott hound-Bloodhound mix.

But Bonnie is still doing great; she loves the 10 acres of woods that her and her siblings call home. And when they get tired of running around they come inside to eat, sleep on get pampered. Boy what a life. I have attached a couple of pictures, one when we just got her and one now. She is still my little girl and the smartest out of the whole bunch. You can see more of Bonnie and her siblings on my website: http://www.jcosenzaphotography.com

Joe Cosenza

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