22 July 2011

Here is his picture taken this morning. At his last check up he weighed 71lbs, the porker! We've moved to Tennessee and he now has a big back yard to run in and lots of doggie friends that he walks with each morning. And he's become a University of Tennessee fan!

John Farley

11 June 2010

Rufus is doing fine. Now that the weather is warmer he is engaging in his favorite pastime, sunning himself on the deck.

John Farley

8 May 2009

I took this picture of Rufus this afternoon. He is doing one of his most favorite things, sunning himself on the deck. He has developed into a great dog !!

John and Donnae Farley

21 September 2007

It has been almost 6 months since Rufus joined us!! Goes by quick!! He is doing just fine. He looks forward to his walks with his mom each morning and we even have started leaving him off his rope when he is out with us in the yard. He has found two favorite spots in the periwinkle where he lays down on these hot days. You can only see his head sticking up as he surveys his domain. Really funny!! He is deathly afraid of thunder, however, and even the slightest rumble will send him running to curl up in his bed. He is still not to keen on riding in the SUV but we are working on that. One question you may be able to answer for us; Are all coonhounds prone to sleeping most of the time ? This dog seems to have perfected the art of sleep and relaxation !!! It does make it easy to trim his nails. :)

John and Donnae

25 March 2006

Rufus has been with us a week now. He has adjusted very well to his new home. He becomes more animated each day playing with his toys by shaking them and flipping them up in the air, especially his favorite stuffed alligator! My wife has a collection of stuffed bears that she has collected over the last 30 years or so. Rufus has discovered them as they are placed strategically throughout the house. He will go up to one and very gently take it and lay it on the floor, then walk away as if nothing has happened. After a bit he will take the bear and place it in his bed. After putting all the bears out of his reach, some are pretty valuable, we compromised and gave him his very own bear which he delights in flipping in the air again and again.

Rufus had is first visit to the Vet last night. He now weighs 65 lbs!! Rufus is doing very well with learning to sit, stay and walking on a leash. Our Vet has recommended a K-9 behavior instructor that we will be getting in contact with to begin his training.

To sum things up, Rufus is one happy coonhound and we are very happy to have him as part of our family.

John and Donnae Farley

12 February 2006