Yo, check out my Christmas cast. Put on 40 pounds of muscles since my last picture 6 years ago. Living the good life of that all coonies should have. Show some luv and adopt a coonie!


Boomer was so skinny when we got him that the bones in his tail were showing. He had heartworms and was miserable during treatment, but came through it. He wouldn't gain any weight until that treatment was finished. My daughter and I occasionally talk about our 300 mile trip to get him through an ice storm. We came really close to turning back home, but we persevered.

What a great breed. Unfortunately, where we live (southeastern KY) we see hounds treated rather poorly. We try to raise awareness of spay and neuter and adoption programs. My kids volunteer at the local animal shelter. We now have 7 dogs. They aren't all as low maintenance as Boomer is.


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