Happy Holidays everyone, Buster here.

Just wanted to share some news on whats been happening over the last 8 months since coming to my forever home. We had a great summer. Lots of walks, a nice big yard now fully fenced to play in and some very warm days. Not sure how good they are for me but pop-cycles are YUMMY!! Here in the mountains you get ready for winter early. As you can see Winter has definitely come to Lake Tahoe bringing lots of SNOW. Every day my mom takes me for a walk and on snow days, its great fun to romp through the fluffy stuff. I don't even get cold!! After that though, its time for a much needed nap. My parents have provided me a variety of locations I can nap on and I especially like the Papazan chair!.Just don't try to take away my chew bone!

That's it from me. Will check back in the Spring.

24 December 2015

My name is Buster. I was adopted this May by my parents, Joe and Alison, and traveled from San Diego all the way to Lake Tahoe where my new home is. It was a long car ride. I live in a large home in the mountains with a 1/2 acre of fenced yard to roam around in. We have bears and deer in our neighborhood, so as a Coonhound I am constantly alerting my parents of the visitors!! I like going for walks everyday in the forest but also love my couch! Car rides are great fun too! I now even like swimming! I have gained a few pounds (which according to the vet I needed to) so I now weigh in at a healthy 77 pounds. My mom sometimes has a hard time when we go for walks because I am so strong.... she says I need some training!

As a coonhound my sense of smell sometimes leads me into trouble though. Its really hard not to ' follow my nose' when there are so many cool visitors in my area! Here's one who stopped by my back yard awhile back. That's why we now have a really strong, high fence!! Not sure yet how this winter will be once the snow comes, but for now, I am extremely happy to lay on the deck and enjoy the summer sun or snuggle up with my mom and dad on the couch.

Thank you to all the volunteers for providing me the opportunity to find my forever home!
Buster His parents - Joe and Alison Wincheski

19 August 2015

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