"Chloe" (now "Belle")
and Sugar

Sugarís here!! As you can see from the pictures it was a very short adjustment period for each of them. Belle graciously gave up her side of the coach for Sugarís comfort. She also couldnít wait to introduce Sugar to her neighborhood friends that she had met when they go on their daily walks. The one item that Belle refuses to share is her Frisbee. Sugar doesnít seem to mind as she would rather lounge on the deck and watch Belle run around the yard. They both are loving dogs and we are very glad that we made the decision to adopt each one of them. Thanks again to Belle and Sugarís foster family. The love and great care that they provided allowed us to adopt not one but two great dogs.

Patrick, Annette & Nathan Bentz

Page last updated on 17 May 2006


Belle was adopted in February 2006 from a wonderful foster family. She has adapted very well to her new surroundings and family. Her favorite daily activities are walking to the school bus stop to see Nathan on his way and visit with all of the other kids. Then in the afternoon she loves to go on her walk through the neighborhood to visit her new dog friends. She especially loves to ďattackĒ her Frisbee and chase tennis balls around the yard with the entire family. We love her so much and we are very pleased that we made the decision to adopt her.

Patrick, Annette & Nathan Bentz

P.S. Donít tell Belle because it is a secret. But, we are currently pursuing the adoption of her best friend from her stay with her foster family. Weíll keep you posted!

11 April 2006