Just thought you'd like to know that Kochi is a very happy dog. She has gained weight – up to 46 pounds from 41 at arrival – and finally has a totally clean lab report – no more nasty critters in her system. She is a lively, playful, sociable girl. She is quite receptive to people now, and less and less often displays signs of fear. She goes willingly along on our boating weekends, no longer showing much anxiety on the car ride, leaping gracefully from the dinghy to the big boat and back and settling into her nest in the cabin or in a shady spot on deck. She is very “self-entertaining”, as one friend described it, playing with her toys and creating fun from found objects. She has discovered that the small seckel pears ripening on a big old tree in our yard are dual purpose – edible and entertaining. Twice in the past few days we have watched her leaping and dancing on her hind legs, stretching her neck out to snare another pear to race around with and then gnaw. We are awed by her speed when she gets in the mood to go on a tear around the yard, sometimes spinning out of control in her enthusiasm. Everyone comments on what a handsome dog she is. Here she is napping on the deck earlier this summer.

So our thanks to you all, and blessings on your good work.
Sue, Doug & Kochi

6 August 2007

Her name is now Kochi ("coachee"), named for the dog of famous world sailors. She is now calm and delightfully playful under many circumstances. Still fearful of anything new, especially noises and strangers and she is somewhat shy of Doug, but we have made enormous progress in 5 days. Here she is in her new environment. I'm not sure whether she had experienced snow before but she was crazy with excitement. She’s eating well, playing a lot and has decreasing anxiety issues. We have a personal trainer coming tonight for the first of three weekly visits to get all three of us on the same page with her fear issues, obedience goals, and how we can be firm for her security and our sanity.

Greetings to you all!

19 March 2007