Brinkley is now a year and 4 months. He broke a 100 pounds about a month ago, though he still thinks he's a small puppy. He is a sun bather, he likes to lay out side when everybody is out there. He is a joy to be around. He also participated in an ovarian cancer walk where he got a shirt to wear.

The Millers

1 July 2007

Brinkley has become quite a bundle of joy. He loves to chew up everything, and he hogs the bed. He has found out what snow is and loves it. He is truly a joy to have.

Thanks again,
The Millers

25 January 2007

Brinkley has doubled in weight since we got him in April. He loves sitting in the sun and loves to be outside. He is very playful and strong - he has broken several toys in the past few months and lost almost all of his baby teeth. He has gotten all of his shots. He doesn't enjoys the pool to much but has gotten used to the bathtub. HE IS AN AMAZING DOG!!

Thank you,
The Millers

23 June 2006