Thought it was time to send you another update. It's hard to believe that John came to live with us just a little over a year ago. When I was considering adopting a coonie, I read every HAPPY ENDING story on the website. I had had a bad experience adopting an older dog from another rescue and I was very apprehensive. After reading the stories of other adopters, I took the plunge. And from the very first day it was like John had always been a member of our family. Coonies really are the greatest dogs. And, of course I'm convinced John is the best of all:)!!

If you look closely at John, you'll notice old hunting injuries and although he is a very friendly and happy dog, a man in a ball cap can still make him wary. Even after a year, John cowers at loud voices or noises. I can only imagine what his life was like before he came to live with us. Despite whatever trials he faced in the past, John shows no signs of them. What a testament to the wonderfully open and loving heart of this dog. I can't imagine our lives without him! Here are some recent pictures of John at home in Florida.

Thank you for all you do for the coonies!!

1 July 2007

Where has the time gone!! It's been a little over a month since I emailed you John Henry's "Happy Ending" and it just keeps getting happier.

John's leg is healing well and here's how I can tell.....he's doing the cutest thing now at feeding time...he's barks the whole time I'm making his food and then as I'm carrying it to his feeder he jumps up and down off the ground on all fours with this big tongue lolling, goofy happy face smile until I put his bowl down.

John Henry is so good. He follows me around the barn while I do my chores and hunts for the coolest spots to take naps. When it thunders and he gets scared, he asks to come up on the bed and then spoons with us all night. (And he snores too!) He comes when he's called, is great with kids and cats and other dogs. I can't say enough good things about him. We share our lives with the most perfect coonie in the whole wide world!


14 June 2006

What an amazing, wonderful, loving, sweet and perfect dog my John Henry is. From the four and a half hour car ride home, to major hip surgery two weeks later, John has taken it all in stride. John Henry lives with a beagle-husky sister and a kitty-cat brother, seven mustang horses and three burros and from the instant he got out of the truck he fit right in. John has won all our hearts!!

After his FHO, John is healing well. The hospital staff loved him! I'll be sure to send you updates on his progress, along with more pictures. These two pics of John: after his bath before surgery and coming home after surgery with his new teddy bear.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for a most wonderful friend and addition to our family,
Tanya Klepper
God's Gift Wild Horse Sanctuary
Mims, FL

7 May 2006