We adopted Collette Ratatouille from the Chloe's Disneyland Kids litter. Her name is now Sunny-Belle and she is a lovely, healthy little girl. We live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and Sunny seems to be adapting to island life quite nicely. She loves to run free on the beaches and explore in the rocks and driftwood. She has yet to go in the water but maybe when she's a bit older. She socializes really well with other dogs and draws attention everywhere she goes because she is so cute and affectionate!! So far, she has been an extremely well behaved puppy; we sometimes can't believe our luck!! She eats and sleeps well and has already learned quite a few commands. Of course we're convinced she's a genius!! :-)

We'd like to express our appreciation for all of the hard work that this rescue association did in getting Sunny-Belle to us on the west coast, all the way from Pittsburgh and also a huge thank you to Carrie and her family for doing such a great job fostering Chloe and her pups! Thank you all for the important work you do!

Nicola Campbell and Dave Bornhold

Page last updated on 14 May 2009