Merry Christmas to AB&TC Rescue!!
Thanks for all you do!!

Kelly, David and Duke Sweeney

26 December 2010

It has been almost an entire year since our last update and a lot has happened. In February, Duke celebrated his 3rd birthday. As you can see from the amount of gifts, Duke has many special friends that look forward to his birthday every year! We had a big celebration again this year with balloons, cupcakes, guests and some presents to open. If you can’t tell already, Duke is a very spoiled boy and it seems to get worse as the years go by.

Last winter we finally got a “snow storm” in WV. I was so excited and so was Duke! He really enjoyed the days that we stayed home from work and played in the snow with him.

This year for Halloween, Duke was a pile of spaghetti!! We went trick-or-treating and he did wonderful!! He didn’t mind the costume and left it on as we traveled to our friend’s homes. He was definitely a good sport!!

I have also included a funny picture that we have of Duke. He is quite the character! He has many faces and a personality to go with each of them; and then a silly name to go with each personality (Chmeesie, Meek Face, Bed Hound, Poot). The only thing that gets him out of bed (OUR bed) in the morning is to tell him “it’s sammich time” in which he runs to the kitchen to “help” his Dad make a sandwich for lunch.

I don’t know what I would do without him!! Duke is a huge part of our lives and we thank AB&TC Rescue for saving his life and his foster parents, Paul and Mary, for being such wonderful people!!

Kelly, David and Duke Sweeney

11 November 2010

Christmas Eve will be exactly 2 years since Duke arrived in our home. He was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for!! He has turned into such a great dog! Here are a few photos that Duke wanted to share. This Halloween, Duke dressed up as a horse for the local “Howl-O-Ween Party” for the local humane society. He ended up getting First Place in the Costume Contest! He won First Place in the “Tricks” category as well!! He was very excited to get a trophy filled with delicious treats!! Trying to find a saddle was the hardest part, so I decided to just make a custom saddle for Duke. Surprisingly, he didn’t mind it at all and left it on all day. He was a huge hit!

Duke also went to visit Santa Paws at a local pet store. Duke’s Christmas list is very long, so we decided that we should hand deliver it to Santa.

Thank you again AB&TCR and Duke’s wonderful foster parents, Mary and Paul, for taking such great care of Duke while he waited for his forever home. We could not have asked for a more fabulous Christmas gift two years ago!!

Merry Christmas coonhound lovers and coonhounds alike!!

The Sweeney's
Kelly, David, and Duke

14 December 2009

First, Duke wanted to personally thank Del Monte for their dog food donation to the AB&TCR dogs! Duke was on a green bean diet and enjoyed Del Monte's green beans the best! We had to send this picture of Duke with his extra large can of green beans!

Since the last update, Duke has been very busy! We recently installed an Invisible Fence in our yard. I can't tell you how much we all love it! Duke loves his freedom and excercise!! He is actually a big boy now and stays outside while Mommy and Daddy go to work. He has learned to play frisbee, running after it without a leash attached to him. We now find him completely exhausted from playing all day! The deer and bunnies think it's funny...he just barks and barks at them while they watch and eat (I'm sure they are smiling in the inside). He has done absolutely amazing!!

A new member has entered the family as well! Duke now has a new uncle named Henry. He is a beagle/bassett hound mix who has become Duke's best friend. Since Henry is alot smaller than Duke, it's a riot to watch them play together. Henry goes for Duke's ankles while Duke swats with his huge paws! After hours for running, chasing, and biting they will lay on the floor together, still teasing eachother, although they can barely moving.

Duke has also started his own "show". Whenever we have company over, he is requested to perform his tricks. With a little cheese, he is up and ready to show off. He can now "sit", "shake","lay down", "wave" (his favorite), turn in a circle, and catch flying food coming his way. He has also perfected the "lay down and wait" in which he lays down and we place treats on his paws and up his legs. He is then instructed to wait to eat the food until told. He has become very patient!! He has also started an obsession with carrying random items in his mouth, not destroying them, just carrying things when told to. When we get the mail, we always give him the "junk mail" to carry home (it is usually dripping wet when we reach the front door). The other day he decided that the phone book needed to be in the living room and carried it in there all by himself! We were so proud!

Thank you all again for all your help and hard work rescueing dogs that deserve a better life! I could not imagine life without Duke, our spoiled little "child".

The Sweeney's
Kelly, David, and Duke

26 July 2009

I just wanted to send a quick update and some pictures of our "little" boy! Duke turned 2 years old on February 2, 2009. As you can see from the pictures, he really enjoyed himself!! After blowing out his candle and opening gifts, he was exhausted! He wanted to thank everyone at ABTC Rescue for giving him the chance to celebrate a second year birthday!!

Kelly (De Lucy) Sweeney and Duke

24 February 2009

Hello Everyone!

I am writing to give a long overdue update on Duke! Some exciting stuff has happened to us in the last few months. We recently moved into our new home which is located on a 6 acre farm. Duke doesn't know what to do with himself! We have met several new "friends" including a skunk (which I think he now regrets!), a family of racoons, and a ton of deer and turkeys. He loves running along side the four wheeler when it's time to check the livestock as well! He greets the horses by jumping up on the stall doors and he "talks" to the curious calves! He loves farm life!

He has learned to do many new tricks and listens so well. His bad habit of jumping on visitors has vanished and he has learned to be gentle and calm when company comes. He learns so fast! Everywhere Duke goes, he gets compliments on how handsome he is. He loves the attention he gets when we take him places. This weekend we are attending a benefit for the local Coon Hunters Association to raise money for a gentleman with a heart condition. Duke is very excited to learn about the act of hunting and meet dogs his breed :)

We hope all is well where you are and hope to hear from you soon! We will try to keep you updated in the next few months! Duke sends his love!

Kelly (De Lucy) Sweeney and Duke

11 September 2008

I simply wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate all your time and effort with getting Duke to me. I am extremely happy with Duke!! He definitely has his own personality and is constantly making me laugh! He had his best Christmas (and probably his only one yet) and received many gifts from Santa (as you can see from the pictures). He also meet the love of his life this Christmas: the black dog in the picture.

I find it hard to express how much thanks is needed to be given to everyone of you! Again, thank you for your time and effort! I will keep you updated on the little boy as much as possible!!

With much appreciation,
Kelly De Lucy and Duke :)

11 January 2008