Duke has blended in well with our family. As I have said before, he was lucky to have such a great foster family to help him transition to being a real couch potato!! I am kidding. He has come a long way, he no longer needs the Gentle Leader, and he is really good about waiting for the girls to go to the bathroom when we walk every morning. He even waits on the carpet in the living room while we eat dinner in the adjoining dining room! Of course, he still likes to check if the edge of the table is clean and "help out in the kitchen" while we prepare meals. Why, just this morning, he was so helpful in cleaning up the milk I spilt, and the little bit of Bisquick from waffles I made! He also likes to stick his drooling jowls on your palm or pant leg just in case there might be some small morsel of food there! (Eeewww!)

He is good about feeding time. Since I feed the dogs in the same order everyday, he knows not to eat out of the girls' bowls (the greyhounds) until they are done and have walked away from them. (You never know, there might be a lonely piece of kibble left in a bowl that needs a tummy for a home!)

Duke is always a gentleman, closing his mouth when he burps, but sometimes he still knocks his sisters out with his breath. Angie, the fawn colored one, and Queenie, the brindle, are 9 years old.

The Schoening Family

Page last updated on 24 January 2007