I wanted to share the light of my life, the one that keeps me moving forward, Guinness. He came into my life and changed it forever. Now 10 1/2 years old, he still loves to work. Today we weathered the cold for some training and he never lets me down. Maybe we are both a bit slower but the drive remains.

Thank you again for my angel, SAR K9 Guinness White.

Carrie White

12 February 2017

Hard to imagine my life without this guy. Ten years ago, I was given the best gift, the part of my heart that was missing, the path that was meant to be. We had a chance to connect with other lucky dogs at the Coondog days in Saluda NC. It was a hot one, but fun was had by all. Glad to have met a few of the people that make all this possible. Because without them, I would have never met the love of my life.

Thank you for all you do.

Carrie White

12 August 2016

Guinness and Mom at SAREX Search and Rescue Training in May. He amazes me every day. Guinness loves to work, and loves to eat even more.

Carrie White

27 May 2009

Happy Holidays from Guinness and the "White Family."
I think Santa thought I was a reindeer...No luck I only pull my mom.

4 January 2009

Vacation '08, what couch?

Come on in, water's fine.

Search and Rescue Demo,
meet and greet with dad.

Search and Rescue, PSARC training search.
"Me and mom, just a walk in the park"

20 September 2008

Guinness had
a very Merry Christmas

Hey, where's mom?
Love my mom, gotta find her.

Search and Rescue Training
time-out..."I found a stick."

8 March 2008

What would summer be without a trip to the beach! Building sandcastles, romping in the ocean ( a few deposits were made, too...go figure, his favorite place to GO). Waves were a bit to get use to. Long trip home. Guinness is looking forward to fall and his search and rescue training continues. Wishing all rescued dogs happy homes!

Hugs and kisses,
Guinness, Carrie and Bert White

1 September 2007

It's football season! And Guinness LOVES his football!

Carrie and Guinness

5 August 2007

Our little man is doing just fine, he is 76 lbs, strong and smart. He completed CGC I & II, and is now starting in search and rescue training. He is the youngest of the crew but is showing his skills only after two classes. You should be proud of him; he has come a long way from his terrible start. Everyone loves him. He even won first prize " best in show "at a local amateur dog show.

Take care,
Carrie and Guinness ( hugs and kisses)

23 July 2007

7 months and growing, not only in size but antics!

23 January 2007

Happy Holidays from Guinness and the rest of the White family!

20 December 2006

Happy Holidays from Guinness (Dwyane Wade). He has come through a lot and we have a lot to be thankful for this year. God has blessed us with this lil boy. Proud to say he has just passed CGC 1 and is in CGC2...maybe try therapy dog or agility next...Very proud mom as you can see.

Thank you - couldn't imagine life without him.
Carrie and Bert White

3 December 2006