I also have a beautiful German shepherd that I've had for about 5 years. When I first got Nico from my daughter, I was afraid the two dogs might not get along. Fortunately, however, they have gotten to be best buddies. Echo, the shepherd, had to make sure that she was still the "alpha" but Nico doesn't mind. In fact, she lets Echo think she's the "alpha" but Nico usually getz her own way when she wants to. When I take them on walks to the park, Nico is the "nose" while Echo is the "eyes" of the outfit: Nico smells out the squirrels, Echo sees them, and both of them carry out the chase. Nico will then jump up and down at the base of the tree, baying, making certain that squirrel stays treed.

Nico is the very essence of sweetness! She loves to be rubbed and cuddled. She loves treats and she loves riding in the car. When it rains, she's fascinated by the windshield wipers, but at home when there is thunder and lightning, she trembles like a leaf. I'm afraid she probably did not make a good hunting dog if she was ever used as one before my daughter found her at Coonhound Rescue! One of the armchairs in my living room is her favorite place to curl up. I would never imagine that those long, powerful legs could ever fold themselves up and fit into such a tiny space.

When I learned Nico's name had already been changed so many times, I did not want to change it again, even though "Nico" would not have been my first choice as a name. (Rhymes too much with "Echo.") She's a very intelligent dog, and when she runs her silhouette is smooth, strong, and elegant. Also, I've worked with her at obeying voice commands so that she is off leash almost all the time -- or at least, she could be if it were not against leash laws in most places. It's too bad black & tan coonhounds are not more well-known in the United States, especially since the breed is native to this country. I would never give her up; she's a blessing.

Thanks for adding this update to the coonhound website. You guys are doing a great job.

Marta Acosta

20 February 2008

Nico is doing so well. She loves NYC, and is really enjoying our long walks and the East River Park near our house. We took her into Central Park on Sunday and she was the happiest pup in the world. Other than a little separation anxiety she's seems settled in. I'm attaching two pictures of her, one of her in the dog park and one of her in our kitchen.

Thank you again for all your efforts on her behalf. She has brought us so much joy.


6 June 2006