Here are some new pictures of Bauer. He is doing great. At the end of September, we moved from Maine to Florida. It was a long 3 day drive but Bauer did great! Since being in Florida, we take Bauer to the dog park every night after work and sometimes twice on the weekends. On days that we can't make it to the park, Bauer will spend the day at doggie daycare. He has a girlfriend, a redbone coonhound! They are the best of friends! Bauer is such a good boy and a huge part of our lives.

Thank you!
Jaime, Gary & Bauer

16 April 2008

Bauer is doing great! He loves to go swimming, chase the gulls and swim after the ducks. He is an absolute joy. We can’t go anywhere without at least one person telling us how beautiful Bauer is!

Thanks again!
Jaime, Gary & Bauer

4 September 2007

Bauer is doing awesome! He really loves the summer here in Maine. He especially enjoys swimming, hiking and joining all of his k-9 pals at the dog park. We love him so much and can’t imagine our lives without him. He is always doing something to make us laugh. Bauer is such a social butterfly and has to be the center of attention at all times. If he feels left out, he will show off the coonhound howl until he gets the attention he wants. He is such a smart dog and I think he understands everything we say to him. We’ve never seen a dog get so excited just from saying “dog park”. He's such a happy and loving pup!

Jaime & Gary

10 July 2007

Bauer (previously Einstein) settled in quickly and has made himself right at home! He did a great job on the ride from New Hampshire to Maine. We stopped off at Pet Quarters to let him pick out some toys. Last weekend we took Bauer to a dog park where he made new friends and had a wonderful time playing. We couldn’t stop laughing because whenever a new dog would show up Bauer would be the first dog to run over and greet them! Surprisingly, he did very well off the leash. Bauer is such a smart boy, but can also be very stubborn at times. He loves the snow, but isn’t so big on cold. Within a few minutes of being outside he begins to shiver. We are enjoying Bauer a lot. We are looking forward going hiking and to the beach a lot this summer! Thank you so much!

Gary & Jaime

8 February 2007