Eli is now living the good life after having been found wandering as a stray in Alabama with a bullet wound in his shoulder.

12 March 2006


It was one year ago yesterday that Pete and I drove up to Sea-Tac Airport to pick up one scrawny, nervous and intimidated Coonhound. Eli is a changed boy! He is happy, well fed, and living a second childhood! He LOVES people, loves being pet NONSTOP, loves to tree the squirrels at the park, and loves all the attention he gets each time he opens his mouth and lets it rip! When he is happy and excited---like when he first gets to the huge dog-pen at the park...he starts howling up a storm and people love him. Just gets him more attention. He knows what he's doing. Anyway...we just love him to pieces and he keeps us on our toes because he still has some very strange behaviors, which we know stem back from his abusive beginnings. I sure wish I could read his mind!!!

Thanks for sending our Eli to the Pacific NW!
Merry and Pete Broughal

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