We picked up Elijah from Sacramento last night. He was reluctant to come out of the kennel at first but after about 5 minutes of sweet talk he finally gave in. He was wobbly at first, I would imagine his poor little legs were quite stiff. In the Bronco he rode with his front paws and his head up front with us and the rest of him in the back. When we got home and opened the door to the backyard and he saw the other two kids (Sydney and Bear), he finally wagged that tail of his. Every one seems to get along well and Bear keeps trying to play with Elijah. Elijah seems a bit confused about what Bear wants though.

Today we took the kids to the smaller dog park to see how he reacted with other dogs and people. He did very well, no ill will toward anyone, and even tried to go home with everyone. After the dog park we went for a walk around the lake. Sydney and Bear jumped in and went swimming and Elijah seemed interested in their fun so he jumped in after them. He seemed content to just stand up to his chest in the water and walk back and forth. When we got home we washed all three dogs and they are all currently lounging in the sun in the back yard drying off.

Page last updated on 28 April 2007